PZK-560K Switchgear controller

The PZK-560K is situated in the substation controls the opening and closing of the switch onto the line and monitoring the status of the bus switch. It comprises a PZK-56K (B / C or A) monitoring and control unit.


• Monitoring and control, including the identification of distribution line fault (including low
current earth faults) their location, isolation and restoration of supply to unfaulted sections.
It does not rely on a distribution network automation master (substation) control, as it can
make decisions based on dynamic, distributed current differential protection, distributed
remote tripping anti-islanding protection, distributed planning Island power supply
• Optional distribution transformer and reactive power compensation capacitor measurement
and control functions.
• It can be flexibly configured to realise remote signalling, remote measurements and remotecontrol
• The use of voltage transformers or distribution transformers or dedicated power output as a
power inputs, dual power automatically switches.
• Back-up power can be configured as needed to meet the requirements of AC power loss
• Backup power optional maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, super capacitors or lithium
• Can be configured to use local and remote-control switches.
• With centralised and distributed installation.
• The distributed method allows several PZK-56A monitoring and control units to be installed
in separate cubicles in the substation. One unit acts as the principal which communicates
with a remote master station. It also communicates with the other units through a CAN bus

Technical characteristics

• High-performance digital signal processor, large-scale field programmable logic array, with
powerful real-time data processing
• Powerful memory resources to meet the needs of advanced application software and
communications, system management, HMI and other functions
• based on real-time Linux operating system, a hierarchical, modular software architecture,
applications accessible through an open interface
Ready-to-use, providing a unified support platform for a variety of smart distribution
network applications.
• Provides a PC-like software development environment, allowing new applications to be
easily opened and new application features to be added.
Designed with hardware and software redundancy, with a strong fault tolerance and selfdiagnosis
with a self-recovery capability.
• Communication based on the IEC 61850 standard design, with self-discovery, selfdescription
function, realisation and distribution master plug and play.
• Easy to use HMI, with monitoring of operating conditions, site commissioning and easy
• WEB service capabilities, allowing the use of a common web browser, access to real-time
data, downloaded historical data and configuration files

Technical Data

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