PZK-560Z column switch terminal device

Based on the PZK-56A device, the PZK-560Z column-mounted switch terminal device is designed for distribution overhead line switch monitoring and control. It features flexible power supply based on the line voltage optionally backed-up with maintenance-free leadacid batteries, super capacitors or lithium batteries


• Communication with the main substation in the distribution network, to monitor and control
the status of the switch on the overhead line
• Fault location, isolation and supply restoration (FLISR), including low current earth faults
• Local automation without the need to rely on the distribution network automation master
(substation) control
• Distributed protection for; overcurrent, current differential and remote trip anti-islanding
• Islanding unbalanced power control and distributed low current earth location and tripping.
• Flexible configured according to needs, easy to achieve “two remote” or “three remote”

Technical Data

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