On 10th January 2018, a ceremony for the Kehui scholarship awards was held in the Electrical Department of Shandong University of China. 8 Ph.D. students and 21 students were given the awards, with a total bonus of 60 thousand yuans. 

Kehui scholarship for Shandong University, awarded yearly, was established in 1999. The total amount of scholarships is over 1 million yuans, and nearly 500 students have been benefited. Kehui scholarship is used to provide financial aids to students based on their academic merits. It encourages students to contribute back to the university, industry and society after they have graduated. 

Our products:
Distribution Automation – PZK-56 PZK-560K PZK-560Z
Power Utility – FTR-100 T-GPS XC-2100E 
Reluctance Motor – SRM/SRD SyRM