Kehui’s product developments are characterised by the use of top quality components, exhaustive testing and innovative thinking. The quality of the products is underlined by the company’s certification to ISO 9001.


In the Chinese language, Kehui literally means the Application of Technology. This phrase perfectly defines the company’s commitment to technological innovation, which it accomplishes whilst achieving the highest levels of quality. 

The company was founded in 1991 as a joint venture with a major US organisation, before becoming independent in 2005. It has utilised the best of Asian, European and American expertise to develop a selection of cable and transmission line fault locators. Subsequently, it produced an extensive range of electricity distribution automation equipment including GPS synchronisation, remote terminal units and SCADA systems. Substation digital fault recorders complete the T&D equipment catalogue. 

Kehui also produces Switched Reluctance Motors in various sizes from 5 – 500kW. These extremely efficient machines are suitable for a wide range of applications 

Our products:
Distribution Automation – PZK-56 PZK-560K PZK-560Z
Power Utility – FTR-100 T-GPS XC-2100E 
Reluctance Motor – SRM/SRD SynRM